El Puerto de Santa María



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uno  The manuscript must be relevant to the nature of The Journal of the History of El Puerto.
Because the journal is historical in nature, concerning both thematic and temporal aspects, and local in scope, The Journal of the History of El Puerto  will only accept manuscripts related to any time or aspect of the history of El Puerto de Santa María (economic, social, political, cultural, etc.).

dos Originality. 
The manuscripts must be original. In other words, they have never been published and are not in the process of being published in any other medium. Notwithstanding the above, the Editorial Board has the power to make exceptions to these rules and include previously published articles in The Journal of the History of El Puerto, if it considers it convenient to do so, or for any other special reason, or because the article is difficult to find, etc. In this case, authorisation from the authors or holders of the copyright and the publisher, if applicable, will be required to publish the article.

tres Interest.
The articles must address issues of historical interest.

cuatro Contribution to the knowledge of history
It is essential that the articles presented to The Journal of the History of El Puerto contribute to the knowledge of the history of El Puerto de Santa María within the framework of national and universal history.

cinco Historiographical treatment.
This is a fundamental criteria used to select original manuscripts for publication. The historiographical treatment the authors give their studies must include: theoretical approaches, working hypotheses, arguments, comparisons and formulation of hypotheses and theses that explain the subject matter.

seis Methodological rigour.
This is another essential condition that the articles must meet in order to be chosen for publication in the The Journal of the History of El Puerto. In other words, they must follow recognised and accredited scientific and historiographical methods or innovative and verifiable methods. The articles must also use the correct fonts, include bibliographic information concerning the subject matter and coherently and correctly use the necessary qualitative and quantitative techniques, etc.

siete Respect for human rights.
The Journal of the History of El Puerto
is open to studies from the different theoretical and methodological schools of thought concerning historiography, but it will not admit articles that include, either expressly or tacitly, or attempt to justify, approaches that are aggressive, antidemocratic, classist, dogmatic, intolerant, racist, sexist, xenophobic or that oppose the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

ocho Adaptation of the manuscripts to be published in The Journal of the History of El Puerto to one of the following types: 
Studies (original articles based on direct research or bibliographic revisions), Documents (unpublished manuscripts, or manuscripts that have already been published but are difficult to find and that constitute a source of documentary and bibliographic information that is relevant to local history), Historiographical source documents (inventories, catalogues, document indices, books, magazines, brochures and any other source document concerning history), Journals (critical book reviews, article reviews, etc. concerning the history of El Puerto in a broad sense and historiographical theory and methodology), Notes (notes from doctoral thesis lectures and research work, seminars, scientific meetings, results from research projects, etc. that refer to and concern the history of El Puerto de Santa María), Reprints (antique manuscripts concerning the history of El Puerto de Santa María that are difficult to find) and Debates (exchanges of points of view concerning research about the history of El Puerto and about historiographical theory and methodology. There is also a Correspondence section, where readers and authors can make suggestions and offer explanations and critiques.



Municipal historical archive of El Puerto de Santa María

San Marcos Castle

Doña Blanca Tower (Medieval)

Loading wine butts

Fernando VII disembarking in El Puerto de Santa María in 1823

Juan-Nicolás Böhl de Faber