El Puerto de Santa María



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one  The members of the Editorial Board of The Journal of the History of El Puerto will perform their functions in accordance with the following principles:

  • Impartiality in the opinion about the texts received and in their initial admission.

  • Objectivity in the selection of external evaluators to whom the initially admitted texts is submitted for analysis.

  • Independence of criteria against possible pressure for the acceptance and publication of texts.

  • Abstention from participating in the processing of the files of their own texts and of those belonging to immediate relatives, close friends, colleagues, researchers whose projects they supervise and in any other cases of close relationship, as well as rivalry and enmity.

  • Confidentiality, whatever the case, about the authorship of the texts received, the anonymity of the external evaluators and the process of acceptance of originals.

  • Responsibility for compliance with these principles of action, which implies the obligation to report any bad editorial practices detected; in the first instance within the same Editorial Board and, where appropriate, before the corresponding instances of the publisher.

two  As a guarantee of impartiality and prevention of cronyism, in the case of texts presented for publication in the journal whose authorship corresponds to any of the members of the Editorial Board, this body will decide, in the absence of the interested person, on the rejection or initial acceptance of them; but the decision of the external evaluators will correspond to the member of the Board of advisors of The Journal of the History of El Puerto with a better knowledge of the matter in question.