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CONTENTS no. 41 (Second semester 2008)
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Antonio Monclova Bohórquez
Fossilised proboscideans in Cádiz in the context of Europe at the beginning of the quaternary. (The findings of "La Florida" from El Puerto de Santa Maria)
11-38 (PDF)

María-Esther López Rosendo
The roman kiln from the early empire in Jardin de Cano (El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz. Spain), in the economic context of Gades
39-74 (PDF)

Ana Becerra Fabra
The establisment of the Order of the Minims in El Puerto de Santa María
75-108 (PDF)

Miguel-Ángel Caballero Sánchez
Views of El Puerto de Santa María in 1567 by Antón Van den Wyngaerde: interpretive guidelines and analysis of contents
109-147 (PDF)


José-Antonio Ruíz Gil
What do we mean by History? (Related articles)
151-156 (PDF)

Antonio Sánchez González
Hypothesis concerning the foundation of the Monastery of la Victoria (Related articles)
157-161 (PDF)

Reviews (PDF)

María-Esther López Rosendo
Recent Prehistory in the Laguna del Gallo (Bay of Cádiz)
de José-Antonio Ruíz Gil y Juan-José López Amador

Javier Maldonado Rosso
The Bay of Cádiz and Valencia. Areas where commerce converged at the end of the Middle Ages
de José Hinojosa Montalvo

José-Antonio Ruiz Gil
El Puerto de Santa María and its fortified landscape during the sixteenth century
de Raúl Romero Medina

Francisco González Luque
Aristocrats and patrons. The counts of El Puerto de Santa María and the arts (XV-XVIII centuries)
de Raúl Romero Medina

Isabel Pérez Sánchez
Privileged witnesses in the city: the nuns in the convent of Santa María in Cádiz or secluded feminine creation as a possible source of historic information
de Frédérique Morand

Vanesa Quintero Cairón
Local political power and urban planning in tourist areas. The mediation of tourist spaces in the creation of meanings.
de Antonio-Miguel Nogués Pedregal

Javier Maldonado Rosso
The wine production in Jerez in the XX century. Background, contibutions and integration between 1955-85
de Justo F. Casas Lucas

Notes (PDF)

Jesús-Manuel González Beltrán
The olive grove in Cádiz during the modern era. News of the doctoral thesis of José Cabral Fernández

Indices (PDF)

Aurora Maldonado Samper
Indices of authors and subjects of the 31-40 numbers of Revista de Historia de El Puerto



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